The collection includes headboards, floor pillows and acoustic wall panels. The material is 100% natural: full wool, felt produced in natural sheep colors (according to the ÖKO-TEX® 100 standard), solid wood and carded wool are added for wall panels. The visual solution has been inspired by the endless traces of a game of sand and sea water on the coast…

The new version of the wall panels of the collection FERN was chosen for the main exhibition of the 7th International Tallinn Applied Arts Triennial at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design.

The theme of the triennial was “Ajavahe. Time Difference”, which explored time and its different approaches.

FERN means fern in Estonian, which as an ancient species has existed on Earth for hundreds of millions of years, symbolizing endurance and durability over time. The same can be said about the main material used in the work, sheep wool, which was an invaluable textile material 100 years ago, which gave our ancestors clothes and made the textiles needed in the household. In the intervening years, wool has lost its value, but today, when we have started to re-evaluate a healthy living and working environment, wool is also re-entering our interiors. The time cycle is full, valuable material has withstood the test of time.