Designers Katrin Kabun and Kadi Kibbermann (textile design), Marta Moorats (leather art), Geidi Hein (ceramics) designed and prototyped the awards and gifts.
As a starting point, the Emergency Center wanted to order unique and innovative prizes and gifts that would express the core values ​​of the Emergency Center. The gift was to tell a story that was in line with the core values ​​of the organization, such as expertise, speed and humanity.

In order to recognize the best employees of the Emergency Center, the classical plaids woven from the wool of the Estonian native sheep were chosen as prizes. The gray tones used are natural, undyed, not chemically or thermally treated. Natural wool plaids are immediately warm when used and do not need time to adjust to the temperature. In addition, wool is also fireproof, dirt and odor repellent and has antibacterial properties. A set of woolen coasters/cloths “Cook safely!” Was chosen as a gift for the cooperation partners.

The Departments of Textile Design, Leather Art and Research and Development of Estonian Academy of Arts helped to launch the project.