FILUM necklaces at the Kristine’s Centre in Tallinn on the pop-up shop of ERKI Fashionshow

At this Saturday in Kristine Centre there is greate opportunity to see and buy the items of fashion collections what were represented on the ERKI’s Fashion Show. There is opportunity to try them on or just have a talk with designers. Including FILUM necklaces that complemented the collection of Anu Ernits and Pirjo Kullerkupp named Kergkaal.

Filum is soft cord (lat funis) and rigid wire (lat filum) mix as jewelry. Handmade necklaces have completed by guidance of Tanel Veenre and Helene Vetik during the project of Estonian Academy of Arts.

Filum family has two types of necklaces. Filum Al is knitted cord out of natural yarn filled with aluminum to give the rigid shape. Another option is the Filum Pl, where knitted cord out of natural yarn is filled with plastic to give special shape. In this case behind the neck is the soft part of the necklace.

Next opportunity to meet and purchase Filum necklaces and other accessories of the project is during the Design Market in the yard of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (Lai 17). The market is open from 12:00 to 19:00 on June 3

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