The study “Reducing indoor air quality and health risks of occupants using a new composite material based on renewable resources” received support from the program for supporting creative research in cultural and creative fields of the Estonian Ministry of Culture

The broader goal of the research is to assess through creative process the impact of the  materials used in the interior on the physical and mental health of the people in the room. It is being investigated how to find through innovation an application for sheep wool outside the traditional areas of wool use, in order to thereby restore the historical-cultural and also economic value of the material and create environmentally and health-friendly living and working conditions.

The main research questions are: whether the furnishing material based on  low-quality waste wool can be industrially produced; whether furnishings based on sheep wool have a real positive, measurable effect on the indoor air quality of the room and whether this effect is also perceived by the people in the room.

The project partners are the Laboratory of Biopolymer Technology of TalTech, OÜ Paragon Sleep, OÜ Silen and Karin Reinhold, the professor of the Occupational Environment and Safety Chair of TalTech.