Art Triennial - FERN- Katrin Kabun

Today the 7th International Tallinn Applied Art Triennial opened in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

The theme of the triennial is “Ajavahe. Time Difference” examines the time and its different approaches. The exhibition will remain open until July 23, 2017.

Among other exciting works, the FERN acoustic wall panels, mainly made of wool, are also exhibited.

The name of the work is FERN, fern has existed on Earth as an aboriginal species for hundreds of millions of years symbolizing resistance and duration in time. Same could be said about the main material used in work — wool. Just 100 years ago, wool was a textile material with a priceless value, which gave our ancestors clothes and was also used to make necessary housekeeping textiles. In the intervening years, wool’s value decreased, but today, as we have once again started to value natural materials and healthy life and work environment, wool, a warm, sound-absorbing, fireproof and biodegradable material that balances air humidity, is making its way back to modern interiors. The circle of time has become full and the valuable material has resisted the test of time.