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2018 11 28

New red slippers in our SUSS collection

There are new red slippers in our SUSS collection, they are especially great for Christmas time.

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2018 11 09

Felted tubes for therapeutic mud mixture procedures of hands and feet

In collaboration with the The Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation at Haapsalu College of Tallinn University have been developed the tubes for hand and foot to be used as a tool for therapeutic mud mixture procedures.

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2018 09 18

Future materials at the MEKTORY Center’s EKA Studio

In the MEKTORY Center (Raja 15 Tallinn) has opened an exciting exhibition of future materials: in a mycoplasmatic baseed nests can be seen various experiments in material that have been created within the framework of the courses of the Academy of Arts.

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2018 08 28

On the 7th of September 2018, the exhibition TIMELESS will open in St Catherine’s church in Tallinn

The exhibition is dedicated to the annual theme of 2018-2019 of the Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union, which pays attention to our handicrafts, local material and skillful craftsmanship. The exhibition combines traditional craft techniques with a pure form to magnificently show the skills of masters.

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2018 06 28

Kuupesa was chosen to the exhibition Design in Public Space. On the Road, in Poland

In Estonian Kuupesa means „Moon’s Nest“. It is a wool felt play nest inviting to have fun with friends in an imaginative universe: it can be made into a boat, a cradle, a hammock, a shell, a shield, a pod, or a full moon.

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2018 04 06

On next Thursday, April 12 at 17.00 in the HOP-Gallery will be opened the exhibition of Katrin Kabun ARCHAICALLY HIGH-TECH

In the scientific literature, the wool has been called naturally high-tech fiber and smart fiber, but in real life most of the sheep’s wool production will be destroyed by burning or burial.

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2018 02 16

The collaborative project of the Estonian Emergency Response Centre and the Estonian Academy of Arts to award the best employees of the Estonian Emergency Response Centre.

The the Estonian Emergency Response Centre and the Estonian Academy of Arts co-operated with the development of a prize for the recognition of the best staff at the Estonian Emergency Response Centre and gifts to the Estonian Emergency Response Centre’s co-operation partners. 

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2017 04 21

Today the 7th International Tallinn Applied Art Triennial opened in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

The theme of the triennial is “Ajvahe. Time Difference” examines the time and its different approaches. The exhibition will remain open until July 23, 2017.

Among other exciting works, the FERN acoustic wall panels, mainly made of wool, are also exhibited.

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2016 11 28

Acoustic wall panels FERN

Acoustic wall panels FERN are chosen to the main exhibition of the international 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial.

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2016 01 10

SAND, the new textile collection

SAND is the new natural collection of interior textiles. In collection, there are already headboards and floor cushions

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